Welcome to CIMSEPP

There is an acute need for innovative research and technical advances to reduce the product development time and achieving cost-efficient manufacturing of quality products, effective regulation, and bringing drug manufacturing back to the US. Center for Integrated Material Science and Engineering of Pharmaceutical Products (CIMSEPP), with NJIT as a Lead Site and University of Minnesota as a Partner Site, is in position to help meet these pressing needs and address the specific fundamental interests of our industry members.

What We Do

CIMSEPP team will advance and promote understanding of the material properties, interactions at molecular and particulate manufacturing processes to assure product quality. With expertise in:

  1. Predictive understanding of particulate behavior
  2. Processes, such as feeding, mixing, coating, and compaction
  3. Multi-scale modeling, materials characterization and particle engineering
  4. Quality by design (QbD) to attain desired drug product performance

Our Research Thrusts

The interactions with industry during the Planning Phase culminated in top industry vetted projects belonging to the following three research thrusts:

  1. Crystal and Particle Engineering 
  2. Model-Predictive Understanding of Materials, Processes and Product Performance
  3. Enhanced Dissolution, Stability, and Processability of Poorly Soluble Drugs